Mole & Cyst Removal


There are a huge variety of possible skin lesions. Moles and cysts are some of the most common. Many people are untroubled by them. Others prefer to have them removed, particularly if they cause skin irritation.

Cysts are closed sacs that produce firm swellings beneath the skin.  Cysts may become infected and require treatment with anti-biotics. They  may also enlarge and become quite uncomfortable over time.

Moles are growths on the skin that range in colour from  tan, brown and black. These can appear anywhere on the body, although they are more prevalent in sun-exposed areas. Most moles appear in early childhood and during the first 30 years of a person’s life, then as we age, moles usually change slowly, becoming raised and/or changing colour and sometimes become hairy.  Some moles may not change at all, while others may slowly disappear over time.  Most moles and cysts are harmless & benign (non-cancerous) Sunlight may cause an increased number of moles or cause pre-cancerous changes due to ultraviolet A and  B radiation.

Skin lesions exhibiting any of the following changes should be examined by a Doctor immediately:

  • Rapid changes in colour, size or shape.
  • Itching or Bleeding
  • Change in sensation & discomfort


The Mole & Cyst Removal Procedure

Moles, cysts, skin tags and other similar lesions are frequently removed by surgical incision. The procedure is as follows:

First the area around the unwanted mole, cyst, skin tag or lesion is thoroughly cleansed and made clinically sterile before a local anaesthetic injection is administered in the region. In some cases sedation can be needed. This depends upon the precise nature of the treatment and the size, location and number of moles, cysts, skin tags or lesions that are to be removed.

When the area is totally numb, the skin abnormality will be excised gently using the appropriate surgical or electro-cautery instrument.  Sutures may be required depending upon the depth of the lesion. A sterile dressing is then  applied and patients will be able to return home as soon as they feel ready.

Every attempt will be made to minimise any scarring that can occur from the operation. The procedure itself typically takes between 20 to 40 minutes depending upon the size of the lesion and its location on the body. The procedure is painless, since local anaesthetic is being employed.

If any concerns about the nature of the mole, cyst, skin tag or other lesion should arise, then it will be sent to the laboratory for histological examination.

Following the Removal Procedure

It is rare that there is any pain either either during or following the procedure. The skin will normally heal very quickly, however some initial redness or swelling may be noticed immediately following the procedure.

A scar will usually be left following the operation. Its size and how noticeable it is depends upon the precise nature of the operation and the patient’s skin type.  It is also quite normal for a scab to develop and this will normally heal within one or two weeks. The region around the site of the operation can also be somewhat inflamed, but this will usually disappear within a few weeks.

What else should be considered?

It should be realised that most moles and skin lesions are benign. However, if Mr Rezai has any concerns regarding any particular skin abnormality, he will recommend for the lesion to be sent for  histology or mole test to check that there is nothing suspicious requiring further investigation. Patients may also request this  and we will arrange this on their behalf  to put their mind at rest.

Patient’s GP will be kept informed throughout.

Risks & Complications

Many thousands of mole removal treatments are successfully undertaken each year with no significant problems or complications. At your consultation, Mr Rezai will explain the risks associated with each procedure. With the exception of a resulting slightly raised or depressed surface where the excised skin abnormality previously existed, complications are very rare.

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