Mole Removal


Moles, skin tags, lesions and cysts are all extremely common skin abnormalities.

There are so many different types of skin lesions that whilst some people are untroubled by them, others prefer to have them removed – particularly if they cause irritation. The skin lesions exhibiting any of the following changes should be examined by a Doctor immediately:

  • Rapid changes in colour, size or shape
  • Itching or Bleeding
  • Change in sensation & discomfort

The Removal Procedure

A surgical excision can be applied for removing mole/ skin tag/ lesion/ cyst. The area around the unwanted mole/ skin tag/ lesion/ cyst is thoroughly cleansed, and then made clinically sterile before a local anaesthetic injection is administered around the area.

When the area is completely numb, the mole/ skin tag/ lesion/ cyst will be gently removed using the appropriate surgical or electrocautery instrument. Sutures may be required. A sterile dressing may be applied and then you will be able to go home as soon as you feel ready. Obviously every attempt will be made to minimise any scarring that occurs from mole/ skin tag/ lesion/ cyst removal.

The procedure takes  between 20-40 minutes dependent upon their size and amount of lesions to be removed.  The surgical procedure is conducted under local anaesthetic, and  is painless. If there are any concerns about the character of the mole/ lesion then it will be sent to the laboratory for histological examination.

Following the Procedure

There is rarely any pain at all either during or after the procedure. You may notice some initial redness or swelling. The skin usually heals very quickly but the operation will usually leave a scar. How big and noticeable this is will depend on the precise operation. Most scars fade significantly over the first year.

Risks & Complications

Mole removal is a very common procedure and complications are very unusual, with the exception of a slightly raised or depressed surface, which gradually blend with the surrounding skin. During consultation, Mr Rezai will explain the risks associated with this procedure.

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