I believe that, first and foremost, any form of rejuvenation treatment, whether surgical, such as a Face or Breast Lift procedure, or non-surgical, such as any from our extensive list of facial rejuvenation treatments, right down to the humble Dermal Filler or Botox® injection, should for the patient be a positive and meaningful undertaking. This means not only obtaining the most satisfying result possible, but also having a superb experience before, during and after the surgery or treatment.

Both myself and my team take great pride in delivering to our patients the highest level of personalised, friendly and dedicated hands-on care. It is for such reasons that we have an exceptionally wide word-of-mouth referral base and are one of the most highly referred private practices by patients and doctors alike throughout the United Kingdom. I invite you to take a look at a selection from our long list of Patient Testimonials.

One of the most important considerations a patient has in selecting his or her rejuvenation consultant, is whether that specialist can deliver the desired aesthetic result. Open communication is foremost in achieving this, which is why at my practice we take the time to fully understand the goals and expectations of each and every patient.

With respect to aesthetics, both in plastic surgery and in non-surgical rejuvenation treatments, the current trend is to seek the most natural look possible. None of our patients want to leave our clinic looking artificial or in any way un-natural in appearance. Indeed they are delighted when their friends and families think that they simply “look better” but can not determine why. I am thus renowned for my unique, natural and minimalistic aesthetic.

Just as for plastic surgery procedures, where I firmly believe in proposing the least invasive and most advanced techniques possible to achieve the optimum results, in non-surgical rejuvenation treatments I will similarly make a judicious and considered use the latest techniques and products to achieve the best and longest lasting result. However I do not believe in adding frivolous extra procedures and treatments just because they happen to exist. I offer only what will provide the patient with a real benefit, one that is predictable and proven.

The most rewarding aspect of any form of rejuvenation treatment is helping a patient through the whole process and watching how it enhances his or her life. We see the joy and confidence that an exceptional treatment can bring, and invite you to experience it for yourself.

To learn more about our anti-aging and rejuvenation treatments, to request a consultation or get advice, please contact us on +44 20 7580 8001 or through our online form.
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