Introduction to Rejuvenation

As people age, the face is the part of the body that most obviously shows the changes resulting from the natural aging process, as the tissues that make up the skin, making it appear young-looking and plumped-up, begin to break down.

The face has a lot of pressures put on it over the years and in time it will begin to show the effects of factors such as sun exposure, environmental pollution and indeed gravity itself. The face is also comprised of several sophisticated muscle systems which are active all of our waking hours, enabling it to engage in activities such as smiling, squinting and chewing. These muscle movements regularly leave their mark with resultant features such as smile lines, laughter lines, crow’s feet and creases around all the areas of the face where muscle movement takes place.

To combat the effects of aging, Mr Rezai’s practice, in addition to offering a comprehensive range of facial plastic surgery procedures, also offers an extensive choice of popular non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatments designed to enhance the appearance of the face. These treatments can be used either on their own, in combination with each other, or in conjunction with plastic surgery so as to create a fresher, more youthful and all round rejuvenated look.

For details of the individual rejuvenation treatments, please follow the links presented below:

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Facial Fat Grafting with PRP
Dermal Fillers with PRP